Program Officer

David Vu

Life is full of mysteries and curiosities; whether it’s pondering about a better color for a table, like eggshell white or cream, or how to best support all youth in mental health, David has continuously remained curious and worked on finding the “what’s best” answer to those things.
By the way, it's an eggshell. David started his journey in 2016 in an after-school program as a leader for youth of all grade ages, then made his way into working with youth in ABA while also diving into the field of suicide prevention and awareness, and finally happily stumbling into the area of mentoring.
Regardless, the journey of supporting youth in many aspects has always been the forefront and guiding direction for David. If it’s not supporting youth, David is dabbling into writing, laughing at bears doing human things, or, possibly too much, enjoying bubble tea, one day at a time.


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