Disability Inclusion Month

This July, MENTOR Washington is proud to celebrate Disability Inclusion Month, focusing on how mentoring can be a powerful tool for supporting youth with disabilities. With over three million young people living with disabilities in America, it's essential that our mentoring programs are equipped to offer inclusive and accessible opportunities.

#MentoringAmplifies understanding and inclusivity, enhancing the mentoring experience for all involved. We’re highlighting the "Inclusive Mentoring for Youth with Disabilities Supplement" to the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™ , developed by MENTOR and Partners for Youth with Disabilities. This crucial resource ensures that mentoring services are welcoming and effective for every young person.


Mentoring Program Services

Mentoring Program Services

Custom Support and Consulting

Looking for customized support for your mentoring program? Look no further than our partnership with the National Mentoring Resource …
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Training and Professional Development

At MENTOR Washington, we believe that investing in the professional development of youth mentoring and youth development professionals is …
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Program Quality Assessment

For mentors, parents, mentees, and funders, it can be tough to know which mentoring programs are both safe and effective. That's why …
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Mentor Learning Series: Experience Self-Care for The Mentor!

Join us for a transformative workshop, "Experience Self-Care for The Mentor!" scheduled for July 25th from 12-1 PM. This session is dedicated to mentors and anyone committed to service, offering a unique opportunity to prioritize self-care in the midst of their altruistic endeavors. During this workshop, participants will engage in guided breathing exercises, visualization techniques, and self-massage to calm the nervous system and replenish their energy. This experience is designed to help attendees press the reset button on their mental and physical health, ensuring they are re-energized for their important roles as mentors.

Session Outcomes:

  • Affirm a commitment to regular self-care practices.
  • Learn and practice techniques to rejuvenate and calm the nervous system.
  • Leave with a renewed sense of energy and balance to continue the journey of mentorship and service.

Presenter Bios:

Monika C. Mathews is the Owner of QueenCare Products, a natural body care company based in the vibrant Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle. Her mission extends beyond beauty products; she is dedicated to promoting self-care practices that enhance optimal health. With over a decade of experience facilitating workshops focused on self-care, Monika brings her extensive knowledge and passion to her role as Executive Director of The Life Enrichment Group . This nonprofit organization is committed to supporting personal and academic success among youth through mentorship-centered programming.

Tajiana Ellis serves as the Chief Program Officer of the Life Enrichment Group, overseeing five academic enrichment programs throughout King County. In her role, she is committed to nurturing the holistic development of young people. Since 2020, Tajiana has also been a Spa Experience facilitator at QueenCare, where s he delivers virtual wellness experiences that promote mental and physical well-being. Her expertise in creating calming and healing environments makes her an invaluable part of this workshop.

Together, Monika and Tajiana combine their expertise to deliver a session that not only teaches effective self-care strategies but also inspires and empowers mentors to integrate these practices into their daily lives.

  • Thursday July 25th 12-1pm PST (registration ends on July, 18th)


The Support in Match Support

Here's a one-hour workshop designed to help other professionals enhance their skills in match support whether it is directly with a match or helping other match-supporting staff members. Participants will learn techniques and concepts, drawn from research-based practices and more, to further build rapport, assess and breakdown situations that can range from simple to complex to best support matches and ourselves.

  • Tuesday August 13th 10-11am PST


Building Your Program: Empowering Grassroots Mentoring

Join us and MENTOR National for the first of our 3-part webinar series, crafted to empower grassroots mentoring initiatives, as we lay the foundation for what it takes to run a successful mentoring program. In this engaging and dynamic discussion, we will explore some basic ingredients needed to develop a mentoring program, including: acquiring funding, recruiting mentors, and knowledge of nonprofit management.

  • Jan 18, 2024 10am PST
  • May 16, 2024 10am PST
  • Sep 19, 2024 10am PST


CPS/Mandatory Reporting Training

Come learn about CPS/Mandatory Reporting with a DCYF Staff member!

When: Monday, July 8th 1-2:30pm PST


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