About Us

Our Mission and Vision

MENTOR Washington promotes, supports and expands quality mentoring that fosters positive youth development, academic success, and job and career readiness

Our vision is that every young person in Washington State has the supportive relationships they need to thrive and lead happy and successful lives.

Inspiring Potential, Transforming Lives

MENTOR Washington is a public-private partnership founded in 2004 as a source of support for the hundreds of mentoring organizations across our state. We support more than 150 organizations and programs across the state using training, capacity building, funding, resource development and quality assessments.

Our Team

Board of Directors

  • Harriette Bryant, Chair: Founder at OurGEMS (Our Girls Empowered through Mentoring and Service)
  • Claude Green, Vice Chair: Director Journeys Diversity & Inclusion at Costco Wholesale
  • Dixie Grunenfelder, Secretary: Executive Director of K12 System Supports at Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Tony Benjamin: Founder and Director of FuturePreneurs Unlimited
  • Isaac Marshall: Commercial Associate at Bank of America
  • Syreeta Kinnard: Associate Director of Local Affordability at UnitedHealth Group
  • JR Nobles: Executive Director of Friends of The Children – Tacoma
  • Chris Singleton: Commercial Banker for Small Business at Bank of America
  • Dr. Oscar Harris: Chief Family and Community Engagement Officer at Spokane Public Schools
  • Tom Pennella: Washington State Dept. of Children, Youth, and Families
  • Katie Buxton: Think Of Us
  • James Dorsey, Ex-officio: President & CEO at College Success Foundation

Equity in Action

At MENTOR Washington, we believe in equity and strive to create a world where all young people have access to the resources, opportunities, and support they need to thrive. We recognize that historical and systemic inequities have resulted in marginalized communities being disproportionately impacted by social and economic barriers.

We are committed to addressing these inequities by actively working to ensure that our programs, services, and policies promote equity, diversity, and inclusion. We aim to create a safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential.

We acknowledge the importance of centering the voices and experiences of those who have been historically marginalized, and we actively seek out opportunities to amplify these voices. We also recognize that true equity requires ongoing learning, self-reflection, and action.

As an organization, we are dedicated to promoting equity in all areas of our work, including recruitment, hiring, and retention practices. We strive to build a diverse and inclusive team that reflects the communities we serve.

We recognize that achieving equity requires ongoing effort and commitment, and we are dedicated to continuously improving our practices to ensure that we are actively working towards a more equitable future.

Financials & Annual Reports

One of our core values in transparency. As such we made available annual financial audits and reports.