Executive Director

Jolynn Kenney

One of Jolynn’s favorite roles is being a mentor and aunt to young people. She has been a mentor for nearly 25 years and is still connected with her little sisters. Jolynn was born and raised in rural Kansas, but after finishing her Masters of Education in 2005, she moved to Washington with her husband and kitties.
Her career has been dedicated to supporting young people in both higher education and non-profit organizations. Prior to coming to Mentor Washington, Jolynn held several leadership roles at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound for nearly 17 years.
She’s been actively involved with Mentor Washington’s initiatives and professional development, and she previously served on the Provider Council for a number of years. Beyond her professional interests, Jolynn enjoys gardening, drinking coffee on the patio, and being a big fan of all things geeky, like technology and data.


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